Coors Brewing Company

A winter wonderland in the middle of summer? Anything is possible with a little imagination and the power of scent.

Talk about a challenge. How about trying to bring the frigid Rocky Mountains to steamy Orlando, Florida in the middle of the summer? That is what Coors Brewing Company wanted to do for the company's annual distributors meeting. It was a one-time special event to communicate their new advertising and branding campaigns for the upcoming year and they really wanted to create a buzz. Coors didn't forget to incorporate scent and reached out to ScentAir for help.

Coors turned the hotel conference space into a winter wonderland. A locomotive chugged through the conference area greeting guests with a blast of ice-cold air. Snow showers and confetti fell all around them. The air was cool and crisp with the fragrance Ice Show, an enticing mix of peppermint and vanilla that completed the refreshing environment. With the help of ScentAir, Coors delivered the ultimate Rocky Mountain High to their employees.


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